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The study & job of engineers are difficult, also the job of construction workers is difficult.


This global community of engineers & construction workers keeps on making this world developed.


But this community has always been victimized by many different authorities for certain reasons, like projects awarded at low cost, non-payment, the project started without required funds in hand, the project running in losses due to force majeure, the contractor not capable of handing awarded project, etc.


In any case, the ultimate victim is engineers & construction workers related to their payments.


This is unfair to these engineers & construction worker’s community.


We all must remember that among all human beings, only Engineers-Medical Doctor-Scientists keep humans alive globally.


This Scientific Community getting us our basic life needs, like food water house cloth medicine from nature globally & keeping us alive.


Imagine the recent covid vaccine saved people globally.


All human beings of any trade are important but only the scientific community keeps all humans alive.


So this community cannot be exploited or victimized by anyone.


This world can be a better living place if we empower the scientific community to all global Parliament democratically.


They can stop all natural disasters & get all human needs from nature sufficiently to make our only one life better forever.


So far elected democratic rulers globally have had no science studies but without science, nothing can run.


So we must engage science in all democratic Parliament to make this world a better living place & make all humans life better than how we are now.


To avoid all sorts of victimization & exploitation of this community, this website www.globalcontractorsassociation.com has been created to protect these engineers & construction workers community globally.


This community can deal globally with all construction-related issues fairly to all concerned on a win-win basis between clients, contractors & all concerned.


Global construction development must control by this community to offer a fair deal to all concerned.


These engineers & construction workers community has the right to protect themselves & clients from all exploitations. This has been long overdue.


We cordially invite here to all global engineering consultants & contractors to join us here at www.globalcontractorsassociation.com in this initiative.


Then only this community can serve humanity in global growth & development.


Upon your joining, we all can develop this initiative step by step but nonstop.


Look forward to meeting you all on this website soon.




M K Paul-Founder, Global Contractors Association.
Email: id@globalcontractorsassociation.com

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